Free Works

Over the years, a small handful of pieces have been written for specific occasions that do not necessarily require a full publication or official release.  Other works have been specifically written to be distributed for free without charge.  Below is a listing of the works, as well as links to any recordings that may have been made for the pieces.  Most scores can be found here on IMSLP and the recordings are linked in the titles of the works.  A few works not on IMSLP are listed last.

Ubi Caritas (SATB, short version) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

We Sing of God (hymn) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

Magnificat NAB (choral chant) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

Low Mass SPOTC (SAB and organ) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

I Will Sing For My Beloved (solo voice and accompaniment) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

Miniatures (for organ)Creative Commons License IMSLP score

Lenten Improvisations (for organ): Creative Commons License IMSLP score

  • Improvisation I
  • Improvisation II
  • Improvisation III
  • Improvisation IV
  • Improvisation V
  • Improvisation VI

Resurrection Toccata (for organ) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

Chorale Preludes and Postludes I (for organ) Creative Commons License IMSLP score

  • Hyfrydol
  • Grosser Gott
  • Lasst Uns Erfreuen

Chorale Preludes and Postludes II (for organ)  Creative Commons License  IMSLP score

Chorale Preludes and Postludes III (for organ)  Creative Commons License  IMSLP score

Interludes for piano solo (free to download) Creative Commons License

Duquesne University Site Reading Spring 2016 (SCORE included because it’s fun)

Duquesne University Site Reading Spring 2016 REJECTED (SCORE also because it’s fun)

Fifteen Second Fanfare (Score with an hommage)